Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy 4th of July!

Letter from Sister Huguely on Independence Day!

Hi my loves!

How is it possible that I am already halfway through being here in Provo?  I literally can't believe that coming this Wednesday I will have been out for a month! Everyone says that the MTC drags on and that the field flies by. Well if the MTC is passing by this quickly I can't imagine how quickly time will go by once I am out in the Philippines! 

Thank you for all your kind emails and pictures! It is the highlight of my week when I am able to see what you all have been up to and to hear from you! It is a nice reminder that there is life outside of the bubble. Haha.

Happy Fourth of July! I feel so blessed that I was born into a country as great as this one. I am so grateful to all the men and women who have laid down their lives in preservation of my freedom. I don't care what anyone says, the United States is truly the greatest country in the world! Haha. (But really though we all know it is true) We are having a Fourth of July celebration later with Fireworks and I am so excited! I really hope that there is some barbecue!! Hahaha! 

I am doing well. The language is hard of course but it is coming slowly but surely. I just have to keep up the faith. Sometimes when I am in class and I learn a new word I just think to myself that can't be a real language. Like no way. Like the word for remembered is naaalaala (I think that is how you spell it). But like seriously how does one even say a word like that? Haha. But all jokes aside I know that Tagalog isn't as bad as like Chinese or Japanese. At least I can identify the letters.

There have been times when we have said some very wrong things! For instance once my kasama said that she was the church of Christ! Hahah whoops!! It wasn't as bad as mine though. We were with an investigator and teaching him about the apostasy, and I tried to say that the people killed the apostles and I accidentally said that the apostles killed the people! My investigator was just like "ano?" (which means what) and I was like oh my gosh I am so sorry and corrected myself! Haha. Sometimes you just have to laugh about stuff like that! It was a good learning mistake and I will definitely not make it again!

Our investigators are progressing really nicely. One of our investigators is named Laila and she is so in tune with the Spirit! We were teaching her about the Book of Mormon and how it can give her solace in a life of turmoil (because she has had a really hard life). I felt impressed to share Helaman 5:12 with her, which is my favorite scripture in the Book of Mormon, and while she was reading it the Spirit was so strong. She then prayed at the end of the lesson for help with her trials and to know the Book of Mormon was true. It was just such a heartfelt and honest prayer and the Spirit was so strong that by the end of it my kasama and I were both on the brink of tears! It is amazing what the Spirit can do! 

Computer isn't working so I can't send any pictures sorry! I miss you all tons and love you lots! 

Mahal Kita (Love you)
Sister Huguely 

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