About Quezon City

The Quezon City Mission encompasses the northern and eastern suburbs of Metro Manila and adjacent communities, and is located in the southern portion of the Island of Luzon. This is a densely populated area of some 20 million people with an approximate distance of 35 miles across. This distance can take as long as three hours to travel because of the usual heavy traffic. The outlying province areas of the mission have more of a mountainous, rural setting with rice fields, farm land and tropical vegetation. The mission also includes the western half of Mindoro Occidental Island. This island is sparsely populated and mostly agricultural.

The Philippines Quezon City Mission now has 6 stakes and 2 districts. Most church members are somewhat conversant in English, and church meetings are conducted in a combination of English and Tagalog. Hymns are sung in English.

Manila Temple is within boundaries of the mission

Pictures of areas in Mission

Quezon City

Mabuhay Rotonda, Quezon City

Mindoro Occidental Island - Beautiful

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