Monday, August 17, 2015

Halfway Through my First Transfer in the Field!!!

So awesome for us to see Sister Huguely looking so happy!!  Please continue to pray for her.  Her latest email:

Holy cow has it really already been 3 weeks. It seems like just yesterday I was having New Missionary Orientation! It is absolutely crazy! 

Well I had my first baptism! Her name is Maggie Beth Ballon and she is absolutely wonderful. After our first lesson with her she went out to the distribution center and bought all of the scriptures, etc. She just has such great faith. The whole time I couldn't stop smiling! I think on your mission you just get such a love for people. More than you ever had before. I honestly wasn't thinking about how she was my first baptism, but rather how happy I was for her to make the decision to accept the gospel and to start on the path to eternal life! Hopefully in a year she will be going through the temple! Sister Dimacuta always says that it isn't just about baptism but the goal is to see them in two whites! 

I am adjusting well. The food here is pretty good. I am losing a ton of weight. Not sure why... I said maybe I have an intestinal worm and now Sister Dimacuta keeps saying #intestinalworm. She is so funny. I really love my ward and am enjoying each day. Sometimes it is really hard and I think I can't go on but then I remember how important the work is and I am remotivated. I love you all and miss you so so much!

Mahal ko po kayo
Sister Huguely  

Maggie's Baptism

The Sister Training Leaders gave Sister Huguely and Sister D this super sour fruit to try. BEFORE picture!

AFTER Picture!

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