Saturday, June 27, 2015


Oh how we love Saturdays!  Letter we received from Sister Huguely today. We are so proud of her and grateful for her positive, funny and creative personality.  We just really miss her!!!

Hello my loves,

Keep sending me emails and letters! I love hearing from you all and miss you tons!

So it was an eventful week. Haha. It is the new mission president's seminar and so all of the apostles are in the MTC. So far I have seen Elder Bednar twice and Elder Oaks one time. Some of the girls in my zone actually got to talk to Elder Holland because they were doing service in the building where they are! Because they are in the main building we eat lunch in the gym. It is kind of nice because on pdays and after service you don't have to change to go into the gym for meals, unlike the cafeteria. Plus we have had taco bell and subway so it has been pretty good. 

I moved into a brand new building last pday. We all loved it because the rooms were way big and really clean and nice.  Also the showers were bigger than the last hall. Then on Thursday they called a special meeting for all of the sisters at the end of class. Everyone was really excited because we all assumed an apostle was going to come speak to us. So there were all the sisters crammed into seats and they announce that a bat has been found in our building and we all have to move back to where we were! I was just like "is this real life?" Haha. Turns out it was! So about 400 or 500 sisters had to repack and move. It was a pain but all of the elders helped carry the bags and other sisters would help you carry stuff up and down the stairs. After I moved I did this. We had our meeting at about 4, ate dinner, moved and were all out by about6:30. The church is just such a well-oiled machine. Haha.

This week Sister Livermore and I taught two investigators. One of those is Laila. She is a super sweet girl but she is very lost and confused. We felt that we needed to explain to her that God loves her and that she can know the truth through prayer and the Holy Ghost. The Spirit was so strong! Sister Livermore was telling her about how she would feel the Spirit and then she went silent for a long time. I wanted to say something but everything was choking in my throat. Then Sister Livermore asked her how she felt right now. We then had an awesome discussion about the Holy Ghost. I later found out that Sister Livermore was prompted to ask her that question! I am glad the Spirit was able to silence me! It just goes to show you how imperfect we are, but how the Spirit can overcome those weaknesses.

I am kind of sad because today is the last pday in the MTC where we get to go to the temple because it is closing for three weeks.  It is ok though because we will have more time to prepare for the week and prepare our lessons. I just love the temple and wish I could keep going.

For service every Monday we get to put up the 16 flags in the front and get to choose which ones to put up! It is super cool!! Of course we chose the Philippines flag!

I got packages from Tootsie and Baba this week! Fisher's popcorn from Tootsie and Cookies and trailmix from Baba! I was ecstatic to receive both! Yum Yum! Haha I am such a dork! 

All my love,
Sister Huguely 
Fisher's Popcorn from Tootsie and Pop.  Love the Tagalog words on the white board.

Sister Livermore and Sister Huguely on their Sunday walk around the temple. 

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