Sunday, June 21, 2015

I can teach you to dance but you have to hear the music!

Letter from Sister Huguely - 6/20/15.  So great to hear from her and see that she is doing so well.  Still being a goofball!!!

Hi my loves,

So somehow this week was better than the last. I am not sure how that is.  I am trying to send you all as many emails as I can back but it is hard because I am only supposed to be able to email for about 60 minutes.  But keep sending me some because I love it! 

So first of all last week I talked about how I was struggling with the amount of prayers we said.  I had really been praying to Heavenly Father asking him to help me with my desire to pray.  Then on Sunday the fireside speaker spoke about how prayer should be central to everything we do and everything we teach. I could literally feel the Spirit wrapped around me in love. I was just so warm and fuzzy!! What an amazing answer to prayer! I was so grateful to my Heavenly Father for answering my prayer and to that Speaker for listening to the prompting he had to speak about prayer. I know it was specifically for me. I don't think I had felt the Spirit that strongly before.

On a funnier note my entire branch has been instructed by our President to sing in the MTC choir which performs every Tuesday devotional. We practice every Sunday and Tuesday at 5:15.  We were practicing on Tuesday and they were also trying out the monitors.  My kasama (companion) and I were on it.  I looked up at the projector screen and I like made a face of shock and then looked down really quickly. It was just so zoomed in and I was just so pale! I then started cracking up and whispered to my kasama "the camera is like right in our face" and she looked and busted out laughing.  They had to stop the run and they conductor was like "don't look at the projector screens" and they flashed a sign on the projector screens with goofy bending down between his legs saying "don't be goofy." So then of course we got so embarrassed and starting laughing even more. Our branch thought it was so funny. Don't worry I got control during the devo and was able to be on the screen without laughing.

As for the quote in the subject that's something from a conference talk. We were talking about it in class in reference to the gospel. Basically it was saying that we can only invite our investigators to come to Christ. Their conversion is all up to them reaching out to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. We can teach them what to do, but if they don't feel the Spirit there is nothing we can do for them. I think that is so true! It helped me so much because I know that there will be times with my investigators where I feel the Spirit so strongly but they might not and it isn't a fault on me but they just simply are not yet ready for the gospel. I need to remember that because I am super hard on myself.

Love to all, 
Sister Huguely
Sister Huguely loved the photo album from Alexis.  THANKS!

A few Tagalog words
Sister Huguely with her companion, Sister Livermore - goofy together

Still Goofy!
Provo Temple

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