Saturday, June 13, 2015

Sister Huguely's First Email

We were so happy to receive an email from Sister Huguely today.  While she is in the MTC, her preparation day or p-day (the one day a week she is able to check email) is Saturday .  We should receive an email from her every Saturday.  Here is her email:

Hi Loves!

Thank you for all of your emails!  It means so much to me!  Keep it up!  I will try and respond to all of you!! 

Well today is my first P-Day and I have so much to tell you!  Let me start by saying that the MTC hasn't been too bad at all.  From what everyone was telling me I honestly thought that it was going to be super hard and the most grueling thing I have ever been through but it's really fine.  I haven't been homesick really, which is awesome.  I do miss you guys of course but I am not like obsessing or anything about it.  I haven't even cried once.  I think it will probably be different in the field! HAHA.  Because honestly the MTC is just like more spiritual BYU.  I have seen a ton of my friends so far and so that's awesome! 

My district is awesome! We have one trio of elders and two companionships of sisters. They are so funny!  My companion's name is Sister Livermore and she is so sweet and funny!  We have had such funny moments this past week.  Sister Livermore accidentally said that she was the Church of Jesus Christ in Tagalog.  We all laughed hysterically!  Another Elder accidentally left his only Tagalog Book of Mormon with on of our investigators! It was so funny!! He wasn't supposed to leave it because our investigators here are just other Tagalog teachers. 

Tagalog is actually coming really well!  We had to teach our investigator in Tagalog and it was hard but we made it through!  I don't know much yet but I have been able to absorb what have we learned so far.  We actually are already starting to pray in Tagalog!  It's hard but it's coming along. 

I think the hardest thing so far has been the amount of times we pray each day.  It's awesome that we get to commune with God so much, but I always forget.  I am only used to praying twice a day and we pray so much more than that.  I constantly have to be reminded by Sister Livermore.  I'm getting better but it is a little bit of an adjustment. 

I miss you guys so so much!! No pictures this week.  I have been really busy, and I promise I'll send some next week!!

Sister Huguely 

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